Nationwide Agents

Hire a qualified and affordable agent today for business research, surveillance, pricing, and more.

Field Agent™ Services

The following is a list of reasons you may need a professional agent, but many situations vary from case to case. If you are looking for a specific service, let us know the paramaters of what you seek and we will connect you with the right agent.

Risk Assessments

Using professional investigative tactics to detect hazards and the potential risk they pose.

Employment Verification Services

Ensuring the appropriate employees are on the job site and noting customer service, attitude, and dress. Also available is a check into previous employment.

Business Investigation Services

Examining the actions of business partners or competitors, looking at job sites and employee data, detecting security risk, and more.

Collateral Maintenance Services

Arranging and documenting maintenance, repair, and replacement of houses, vehicles, aircraft, boats, and other collateral.

Research Services

Mystery shopping, customer behaviors and shop aisles, product visibility and ease of use, finding your business, and atmosphere analysis.

Debt Collection

Debt collecting for mortgage and loan defaults and civil court cases.

Data Collection Services for Business Purposes

Checking the stock, displays, and appropriate placement of business products.

Who are the Field Agent™ Professionals?

Our agents are private investigators, researchers, process servers and professionals who work primarily on location. Our professional agents will do surveillance, collect data for businesses, check up on employees or property, investigate accidents, do debt collection, and many other specific things a law firm, business, finance company, bank, property owner, or private individual may need. Our agents typically have a history in law enforcement and/or security and will discretely and accurately recover the information you need. connects you to agents who are available nationwide to do research or offer services in your state or across the country. They are familiar with technology and use cloud-based software to provide you with real-time status updates and GPS tracking. Contact us today to get connected to a professional agent who will offer you or your business exactly what you need.